The Brand Of FP15

has a rich history in design and engineering and also fighting spirit.

Italian products are highly esteemed worldwide thanks to their high quality, the attention to detail and sophisticated design. A real Made in Italy product is made of the inimitable artisanal culture and expertise which rank Italian products among the most desired and the best in the world.
Our Clothing embodies these values, creating new aesthetic expressions, through updated technical innovation and strict quality control. In simple words: Design and luxury.

A made in Italy product also means “In balance with the surrounding environment”, which includes great care for health, for the environment and eco-sustainability, an aim that we strongly pursue.
This means verified materials, selected and certified complementary goods, compliance with current regulations regarding manufacturing conditions as well as harmful emissions, and other certifications.
For these reasons Made in Italy is an essential value for our clothing, enriching the life of people who choose them for their rides.